More Info/FAQ’s

Inquiry – Contact us using the booking inquiry form or give us a call for a chat! It helps if you know:
1.Your date
3.How many are going to take part in the workshop

Areas We Cover
We cover the South East of the Country – Waterford, Tipperary, Kilkenny, Wexford, East Cork and Cork City. Further on request!

Deciding What Workshop to Pick – It can be hard to choose a workshop. We will give you some advice as what would work best with your group. We do get asked if we can choose 2 or more different activities, for example, jewellery and fascinators and we highly recommend that you choose one activity. This is so we are all using the same materials, we can show everyone what to do at the same time and the group is working all together. You do not need to have experience with crafts we will show you what to do. If someone is experienced they can show off and get creative! Each workshop last 2 hours plus extra set up and tidy up time.

Booking – When you decide to book we will take all your information and we ask that a deposit be paid. You can do the deposit on this website with a card or post a cheque/postal order to us.

Before the Day – We will contact you before the day to get final numbers and check directions to your venue. It helps if you can be as accurate with the numbers as you can so we can have the correct amount of materials ready for the workshop

On the Day – Keep your phone near you on the day in case the workshop facilitator needs to contact you. We arrive at least 20 mins early to get everything set up. If you can have a table and chairs ready that’s great but we can help. Working on the floor is fun as well!

The Venue  – The workshops can take place at a venue of your choice. We have done workshops in peoples homes, hotel rooms, cafes and rented houses. We need is a table for everyone but some options people like to work on the floor as well! You are welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks to the workshop. We can assist you in finding a venue, most venues have a charge or they may require you to order food along with the workshop. This is a yummy idea as well!