Baby Shower

If you are looking for an original idea to celebrate a baby shower then a workshop might be perfect for you. We bring all materials and it will be a lovely memory to share together.


As a group you will work together to create a lovely mobile that will be perfect for the new arrivals room. We will show you a number of making techniques and you can all assemble the final mobile.

We will chat with you before the day to decide on what theme you would like. Animals, Sealife, Rainbows, anything at all! 

€30 per person – 2 hours



Create your own unique baby grows using a variety of different techniques. If you are an experienced crafter or just want to get stuck into something new this is for everyone t0 enjoy. You can create for the new arrival to wear or go crazy and make whatever you want!

€34 per person – 2 hours




Relax and enjoy your time learning how to make these beautiful flower crowns. Using wire and a selection pretty artificial flowers, foliage and ribbons. This is one of our favourites and anyone can do it!

These are for the adults to wear! Flower Crown making is the most on-trend workshop!

€30 per person  – 2 hours



A fabulous craft that you can keep to remember the day. Each person gets to decorate a mug plus a special signature plate or special ornament for the mum to be.  Don’t worry if you are not great a drawing, we provide lots of inspiration and are there to help.  Aprons are provided for zero mess.

For bookings of 11+, the price includes the pottery once baked in our kiln to be sent to one address via courier within Ireland. If less than 11 people, there will be a small additional charge.

€30 per person – 1.5 -2 Hours


Design and make your own beaded jewellery. We bring a hugh variety of sparkly gems, glass beads and semi precious stones. You can make items like necklaces, drop earrings and bracelets to take home or wear on the day.

We show you all the techniques to create your own jewellery from scratch.

€30 Per Person – 2 Hours



Making items from porcelain clay like tealight holders, hanging decorations. Using stamps and textures on the clay like lace. We bring aprons to wear so no worries about getting messy! You can create little decorations for the new arrivals room. 

The items you create will be taken away on the day to be fired in our kiln.

For groups of 11 or more hens the price includes firing and delivery back to one address within ireland. For groups of less than 10 there will be a small additional charge.

€30 per person – 2 Hours